Homework Survey Results Thank you to everyone who completed the homework survey. 38 out of 90 families completed the survey for third grade. Here are the results: 57% students complete homework in under an hour, 21% complete it in an hour or so, and 18% are exceeding the recommended minutes regularly. If your child exceeds the recommended time limit of an hour after focused effort, and you feel as if the time is no longer productive, please feel free to stop your child. If that is the case, please email the teachers and write a note on the assignments to notify them. Thank you!
Language Arts Students are memorizing the poem Eletelephony this week. There will be spelling words as usual and a test Friday. We will be learning the writing process together this week. Lastly, in Pinocchio, we’ll read chapters 28-31.
Math This week we will be testing on Unit 2 on Tuesday. Then we will begin multiplication and division If you can volunteer for math groups please use this link: https://www.signup…
Third Grade Coffee Shop Conversation Please join Assistant Headmaster Lucia DeMeo and third grade parents/guardians on Friday, September 14th from 8:00-9:00 in the library for coffee, snacks, and a time to discuss what to expect for your child in the upcoming school year. Follow this  link to sign up:
Language Arts We will be learning 30 words this week with a test Friday. For Pinocchio, we will read chapters 24-27 and begin a writing project about it. Writing and grammar will focus on Proper Nouns, helping verbs, the types of sentences, and paragraph revision. Our poem The Crocodile will be recited on Wednesday!
Math: We will be working on subtraction, estimation, and two part word problems There will be a subtraction quiz Wednesday and a word problem quiz Friday.
Science: This week we will explore the stages of metamorphosis that a frog will go through in its lifetime. We will also begin learning about the B in Mr. FAB...birds! S…


In an effort to provide a fruitful homework experience for our scholars, we rely on the
feedback of our families. Parents, please share your feedback by completing
thishomework survey at your earliest convenience. Clubs with Spots Available ( Monday: 1-5 Math Club, 2-5 Sports Club, 2-5 Band, K-1 Art Club Tuesday: 2-3 Art Club, 3-5 Dance Fitness Club, 4-5 Choir Thursday: 3-5 Science Club
Language Arts We will be learning 30 words this week with a test grammar we will review this week and take a test Friday. Expect a study guide to go home.
Math: We are studying word problems this week. Expect a quick quiz Wednesday and another on Friday. Careful attention to the homework will be sufficient preparation. If you would like to volunteer for math groups please use this link:

Science: We will complete paragraphs about our chosen fish, adding our own picture as well as a fun fact to share! We will also be lea…


If you haven’t RSVP’d for Curriculum night, please use this link: Curriculum Night Schedule (8/29) 6:00-6:25         Welcome in Gym (Mr. Gillingham, Mrs. Vaughn, and Specialists) 6:30-7:30              Grade Level Presentations 15 minutes: Classroom procedures, routines, homework guidelines 40 minutes: Curriculum and Demo Lessons 5 minute Spalding lesson 25-30 minute Singapore lesson 10 minute Grammar lesson 5 minutes: Q&A

Language Arts: We will be doing consistent spelling words and teaching many “er, ir, ur, ear, wor” words. There will be a spelling test Friday. For Pinocchio we will read Ch. 14-18. And, in grammar we will be studying adverbs.


Language Arts: For Spalding this week, we will be working on silent final e rules and begin our spelling list. With grammar we will focus on adjectives and sentence diagramming. For Pinocchio we will read chapters 9-13 and write an essay based on our reading Friday.
Math: We will work through sums and differences this week. There will be a quiz Monday on simple adding and subtracting. Later in the week, we will be teaching bar modeling! I am excited!
Science: This week in Science, we will perform our Reader’s Theater skits and learn more about what makes each of these groups of animals unique! We will also take a closer look at the features of a reptile.
History: This week we will learn about natural and manmade borders. We will look at the difference between a political and physical map. Then we will start to look at different landforms such as a coast, isthmus, harbor, channel, etc.


Birthday Treat Policy Celebrating birthdays is a good way to show the students in our school that they are special and loved.  There are many different ways to mark the occasion, but we want to be careful about students eating too many sugary, processed snacks.  If each child were to bring in cake or donuts for his/her birthday, that would mean 30 unhealthy lunchtime desserts every year.  Some parents would rather their child not eat this type of food and the effects of these sugary snacks can disrupt the learning environment.  In fact, we strongly suggest a non-food item if parents wish to mark the occasion. Pencils, books, or other souvenirs can be just as special, don't require clean-up, and won't affect whatever diet parents wish for their children.  Some teachers may allow a healthy snack for their classes as an exception (to be eaten in the lunchroom), but please reach out to the lead teacher for details.  Make note that sugary treats will not be served to students, and w…