Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful and restful spring break!

Language Arts: We will finish the Little Prince this week, so please be prepared to send in Little House On the Prairie. For writing we will complete an opinion essay about First Kids in the White House. Instead of spelling this week, we will be working with poetry, drama, and informational texts.
Math:  To begin quarter four we will be wrapping up the area unit we began before break.  This week we will look more in depth at composite figures. There will be an assessment on Friday.  
Science:  This week we will begin our Astronomy Unit!  This is always an exciting unit that intrigues many of the students.  We will begin with the Big Bang theory and then we will discuss the structure and composition of the universe.  
History: This week we will begin learning about the thirteen colonies! We will focus on the Virginia colony this week. We will also learn about the role John Smith played in helping the Virginia colony sur…

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Language Arts: We will have 15 spelling words and a test on Friday. We are currently memorizing “Dream Variations” by Langston Hughes and the recitation will be on Mar. 7. With writing and grammar we are working within the opinion genre. The class is writing an essay on Monday and typing on Tuesday.
Math: This week we will begin applying our knowledge of area to word problems and composite figures.  There will be a short quiz on Wednesday and the area unit will continue after Spring Break.  On Friday we will be playing some fraction games for our end of 3rd quarter celebration!
Science: In Science we will be continuing our Ecology unit.  We will be discussing biomes and impact of environmental changes.  In addition we will learn about John Muir and taking our Ecology test on Friday.
History: This week we will continue to learn about the Early Explorers. We will learn about John Cabot and Henry Hudson. Then we will see where the first French colony was established by Champlain. We will fi…


Language Arts: We will pick spelling back up this week with our normal test on Friday. We are currently memorizing “Dream Variations” by Langston Hughes and the recitation will be on Mar. 7. With writing and grammar we are working with the opinion genre and the class will be working on a literature focused essay. If your child still has not brought in a copy of The Little Prince, please make sure to send it in this week!
Math: This week we will be learning area.  Students will first be introduced to the concept of area and then we will get into the equation to solve area problems for rectangles.  We are building up to our lessons on areas of composite figures.  
Science: In Science we will be continuing our Ecology unit.  We will be discussing types of organisms, the role of the sun, types of consumers, and food chains.
History: This week we will learn about the Early Spanish Explorers. We will see how Ponce de Leon tried to search for the fountain of youth and about how Christopher Columb…


MAP benchmark testing is Tuesday!
Language Arts: We begin The Little Prince this week! Please make sure your child’s copy has made it to school. We are learning how to properly organize opinion writing this week! Due to the shortened week and MAP testing, there will be no spelling this week. We will still be reviewing phonograms though. The extra time will be spent on writing.
Math: This week we will be doing a review of our Time Unit and a cumulative review.  The students will have an assessment on Friday.
Science: In Science we will be starting our new unit on Ecology.  We will be looking at habitats and comparing living and nonliving things.  
History: This week will learn more about the Eastern Woodland People and what happened when the European Settlers came. We will also be reviewing throughout the week and testing our knowledge on the Earliest Americans on Friday.


A Day for Friendship - Wednesday, February 14th is Great Hearts Day! We have reserved this special day to focus on the virtue of friendship and celebrate the traits that make a great-hearted student. Teachers are planning interactive and fun activities centered around these topics, and time will be set aside for students to create hand-made Great Hearts Day cards for their classmates.  Archway Arete strives to cultivate a rich, academic environment rooted in the classical tradition. This many times requires popular culture to be left at the door. On that note, students will not be permitted to bring store-bought valentines, candy, or gifts to school. Thank you for partnering with us.
Language Arts: This week please send in The Little Prince for literature. We will be writing an informational essay about the Inuit people on Tuesday. Tuesday will be almost completely dedicated to writing to prepare the class to write an essay from start to finish in one school day. Each child will be coa…

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